Dang Triple Threat (Limited)
Dang Triple Threat (Limited)
Dang Triple Threat (Limited)
Dang Triple Threat (Limited)

Dang Triple Threat (Limited)

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  • Get Ready to Take your Taste Buds to the Next Level!
  • Here's What's Included in this Bundle of Deliciousness : Dang Sauce Hot Sauce - 6.7 oz, Dang Southern BBQ Sauce - 12.7 oz, Dang Bacon Seasonin' & Rub - 6 oz
  • From the Smoky, Tangy Kick of Dang Sauce to the Rich, Molasses Flavor of Dang Southern BBQ Sauce and the Mouth-Watering Bacon Taste of Dang Bacon Seasonin' & Rub, this Bundle has it All. 
  • Dang Sauce Hot Sauce : Made with the Finest Ingredients and Farm-Fresh Tennessee Chiles. Ancho and Chipotle Peppers give the Sauce a Woodsmoke Backbone and the Fresh Lime Juices brightens things up. 
    • It's Smoky, Tangy, and a little Sweet. Heat Level : Medium. 
    • Dang Bacon Seasonin' & Rub : Made with the Finest Ingredients, including Smoked Paprika, Garlic, and a Proprietary Spice Mix. Dang Bacon Seasonin’ has a Rich and Complex Flavor, with Big Notes of Hickory Smoke, a Subtle Sweetness, and a Balanced Saltiness that enhances the Natural Flavors of your Food. Sprinkle it on Burgers, Steaks, or Ribs, Add a Dash to Chili, or use it as a Rub for Chicken and Fish. It's Versatile and Delicious and will take your Cooking to a Whole New Level. Heat Level : Extra Mild.
    • Dang Southern BBQ Sauce : Made with the Finest Ingredients, Dang BBQ puts a Spin on a Classic Southern Barbecue Sauce. Sweet, Smooth, and Smoky, this Sauce has a Rich Molasses Flavor that is the Perfect Partner for Ribs, Chicken, or any Grilled Meat. Hickory Woodsmoke Backbone Mellows the Sweetness, and a Hit of Tang keeps things Interesting. Heat Level : Extra Mild.

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